Date Energy Bars

More airplane food! I have an undying love for energy bars.  One of my favorites is Clif Bars, namely for their wide variety of insanely delicious flavors!  Granted Clif Bars are delicious, they have quite the hefty ingredients list because of their wide variety of grains–a little bit more difficult to replicate at home.  What […]

Balsamic Pan-Fried Chickpeas

Simple, fresh dinners.  Aah, don’t you just love those?  They have a way of making me feel centered, enlightened even.  The simplicity in the ingredients in this dish allows the soft, nuttiness of the chickpeas to remain while being played off by the sweet, acidic zing of the cherry tomatoes.  Plus, you can’t help but feel good when you […]

Japanese Radish Noodle Salad

Better than a bowl of noodles.  Yes, I daresay that this delightful, raw foods bowl of radish “noodles” is better than good old fashioned pasta.  Has something gotten into me?  No, it’s just that this amazing, refreshing, and filling dish of radishes has stolen my heart.  Not being much of a radish person, I was […]

Banana and Kale Smoothie

So, let’s talk about breakfast staples.  For most people, breakfast staples are things like eggs, cereal, toast, and coffee.  For me, breakfast staples are soymilk and bananas; and I believe a new member has joined the party–kale.  Yup, kale.  Kale is absolutely amazing!  I don’t need to tell you that dark leafy greens are like the vegetable gods […]