Banana and Kale Smoothie

So, let’s talk about breakfast staples.  For most people, breakfast staples are things like eggs, cereal, toast, and coffee.  For me, breakfast staples are soymilk and bananas; and I believe a new member has joined the party–kale.  Yup, kale.  Kale is absolutely amazing!  I don’t need to tell you that dark leafy greens are like the vegetable gods of health, but they are!  Full of vitamins, antioxidants, and radience-creating goodness; they are something not to be ignored!  And only a few days ago, I discovered something incredible.  You can blend kale (and many other raw vegetables) in a blender!  You don’t have to haul out your twenty-pound juicer to enjoy the benefits of juiced raw veggies.  And I don’t have to tell you that cleaning a blender is a lot less of a hassle than cleaning a juicer.  Plus, more good news is that you can hardly taste the kale!  There is not a trace of bitterness or earthiness that might scare away some of you.  It’s all dreamy, creamy, thick, banana goodness.  Go ahead and give it a go; be adventurous!

 The kale I used is called “dino kale,” and most of you have probably seen it as the ruffly green stuff that’s used as decoration at the deli section.  You, of course, could use any type of kale that you have.  Overall, kale is relatively inexpensive, and it’ll say pretty fresh unwashed in the fridge for up to ten days.  Just be sure to wash it very, very well (a lot of grit and stuff gets stuck in those pretty ruffles).

For the bananas, be sure they are considerably riper than you would want to eat them (though not necessarily black-skin-dark, unless you like them that way), because when you freeze them, the flavor becomes mellowed.  Freezing the bananas is essential to the thick, icy, creamy goodness of the smoothie; but unfrozen bananas will work, in a very desperate pinch.

Soymilk.  Let’s talk about that.  I know that soymilk gets a lot of bad rap, but I happen to enjoy it a great deal.  I just always make sure to buy soymilk that has been made from soybeans without GMO’s (genetically modified crapola).  I like to use Silk soymilk (; and no, I was not paid to say that.  That was a genuine statement of truth.  If soymilk is not your bag, you can use almost any other dairy-free milk.  (Okay, so I tried doing a smoothie the other day with just almond milk, and it tasted like straight-up kale.  Not that that’s bad, but the almond milk’s delicate flavor was easily overpowered by the kale’s.  I honestly reccommend using just soymilk.)  Just be sure that whatever flavor your substitute has, that it compliments the flavor of the bananas.


I know that you’re all probably getting sick of my many breakfasts posts, but never fear!  There are entrees and savory delights on the way!

Banana and Kale Smoothie

3/4-1 cup of soymilk (the amount depends on how thick you want the smoothie, I like mine really thick so I opt for the lesser amount)

1 banana, quartered and frozen

3 medium kale leaves, deveined and chopped (about 2/3-3/4 of a loosely packed cup)

Pour your soymilk into the blender and dump in your kale.  Blend on high until thoroughly liquified.  Dump in the banana and blend on high until thoroughly combined.  Add the remaining 1/4 cup of soymilk and blend, if desired.  Pour and enjoy!

Serves 1


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