Zucchini Tagliatelle with Bean Balls

Take a step outside of your comfort zone.  Be bold and be confident.  Go ahead and wear that eyeliner that you’ve been too afraid to try, bake a souffle, say hello to your crush, do what you’ve been meaning to do but have been too nervous to.  People will love you for who you are, […]

Banana Ice Cream

It’s healthy, vegan, raw, and gluten-free.  It is also thick, sweet, and satisfies almost any ice cream craving.  It’s banana ice cream, and I love it. I’ve been making banana ice cream for several years now, and–I must say–it is pretty darn incredible.  You know what else is great?  You can totally have it for […]

Chocolate and Mint Sorbet

It has been inordinately hot lately, so I thought it was time to make some frozen desserts.  Therefore, today I made a rich yet refreshing chocolate and mint sorbet. Thick, creamy, and rich, this chocolate and mint sorbet is no letdown whatsoever in flavor or texture.  It’s pretty hard to believe that so elegant of a frozen dessert could be […]

A California Girl’s Take on Black Eye Peas

Some days are suckey.  Days where everything that could possibly go wrong do go wrong, and you just want to throw your music stand across the room. But!  Then there are those non-suckey days, where you hang out with your friends all afternoon, cooking, gaming, laughing, and eventually ending up piled on the couch squealing as you […]

Red Bell Pepper Chickpeas

Happy National French Fry day, people!  Unfortunately, I do not come bearing French Fries…  I don’t do French Fries–well, I don’t do deep-frying.  Period.  To me, it seems like such a waste.  All of that oil…  And its messy and greasy and way too hot.  If I really want fries, then I’ll go and buy […]