Lentil Loaf

Today was absolutely refreshing.  We had one of our first real days of autumn–a day full of cool, rustling breezes and saturated blue skies, while birds chirruped and squirrels gathered food.  But not only the birds and the squirrels, but also our little animal children have been effected by the new weather.  Mr. Rachmaninov has been literally tearing up […]

Figgy Bites

Moist, temperately sweetened cookies with a delicate crumb, studded with plump and dark figs…  As they sit unassuming in their glass jar, their flavours develop and grow richer, subtler, and more complex…  With cookies so indulgent and rich, no one would ever guess that they are packed with whole grains and chickpeas. If you know me […]

Banana Crumb Cake

Yesterday was a day spent baking, baking, schooling, baking, schooling, and then baking some more.  It was a day spent experimenting with new recipes–some of which turned out, and some of which need a bit more tweaking.  To guarantee something tasty and sweet for the evening, I made this banana crumb cake, whose recipe was […]

Lemon Meringue Tart

This tart is fresh, chic, and oh so classy.  A slightly chewy ginger snap crust is beautifully played off by an intense lemon curd, and the entirety is topped off with a billowy and almost bubbly meringue.  Besides tasting divine, this tart is also surprisingly easy (so long as you don’t burn the meringue, but we’ll get into that in a little […]