Mung Bean and Walnut Houmous

Lately I have been very restless.  I want to go do something exciting and adventurous.  Go on a road trip, perhaps?  To somewhere not terribly famous, but quaint and rustic and charming and just plum-dandy wonderful! It’s actually very strange for me to want to go on a road trip.  I tend to not feel […]

Midnight Chocolate Bundt

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to make my dad an incredibly moist chocolate cake covered with a delightfully nutty chocolate glaze. It’s amazing. Make it right now. Your dad will love it. Midnight Chocolate Bundt Slightly adapted from Joy the Baker,  The glaze is a take on the Texas Sheet Cake glaze from […]

Mixed Berry Muffins

Baking is an art, and it’s something beautiful.  When we bake or cook, we not only nourish the body but also nourish the soul.  I was listening to somebody the other day and they said that too much focus is being put on food these days, and that we should just stop trying to make it more than […]

Spinach Pesto Portobellos

So I finished watching a fabulous BBC miniseries called In the Flesh.  It’s pretty much a British take on The Walking Dead (think diseases, zombies, and angry people), but it’s entirely new and fantastic in its plot and perspective.  What I really enjoyed was that the focus really wasn’t about horribly gory scenes of flesh-eating “rotters,” but more about the psychological […]

Light Brioche Burger Buns

First off, happy national doughnut day, everybody!  And in honor of this glorious day, I bring you hamburgers buns.  Totally appropriate, right?  Alright, I admit I was entirely unprepared and only found out about the holiday today.  Quite honestly, though, I would love to buy myself a doughnut pan and whip up a batch of those […]

Portobello Mushroom and Lentil Burgers

Let’s talk about vegetarian burgers. Okay, so I admit that most vegetarian burgers suck.  They are dry and flavorless, or they are flavorful but chocked full of who-knows-what.  Not to mention that they’re generally comprised of carbs with minimal veggies and protein, which makes slapping them on a bun gastronomically redundant.  This burger is none of those things.  […]

Raspberry Fool

Raspberry fool.  I love it! But what is fool? A fool, once referred to as a foole, is an English dessert that was first mentioned back in the late sixteenth century.  Traditionally, a fool is composed of stewed and pureed fruit, whipped cream, and sugar.  Foole was originally made with gooseberries (something I’d love to try), but nowadays it’s generally made […]