Lately I have been branching out in my musical tastes.  My usuals have always been Coldplay (duh), Muse (smashing), Kimbra (so darling), Florence + The Machine (empowering), and the Killers (let’s get hype).  Nowadays I have branched out a bit more.  BOY (the Hamburg-based band) has definitely been my go-to, as well as Of Monsters and Men, Bon […]

Green Brilliance Smoothie

So today’s post is a bit of a revamp of the Banana and Kale smoothie that I posted sometime last year.  This one has a lot more to offer than the last one did and is bursting with more greens, healthy bacteria, and a boost of protein. Whenever I drink this smoothie, I feel like […]

Goldenberry Chia Bars

When I was reading Fellowship of the Ring, I was immediately drawn to Goldenberry.  She was just such an organic and angelic character that I found reminiscent of the faerie queens I had read about when I was younger.  The name Goldenberry also brought to mind a delightfully sweet and tangy golden berry.  At the time, […]