DIY Flower Globe


So a while back, some of you may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog from “happyspinach” to “happyspinach etc.”  I did that in anticipation of including little tutorials for non-edible things.  Now that’s what I anticipated, but that’s not exactly what happened…  I’ve been at a loss as to what to put on here.  But!  Recently I discovered the absolutely charming Cutiepie Marzia!  She has a variety of adorable DIYs on her YouTube, and I was inspired by her tutorial for a homemade snow globe.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I couldn’t resist posting this as it seems to me to be a perfectly enchanting Valentine.  So, lovelies, enjoy!


To begin, you’ll need the following: a clean jam jar, pretty paper, toothpicks, beads, bows, glitter, melted wax (just light a candle), scissors, tweezers, and a paper sticker.


Fold your paper into quarters and using a pencil, draw out a flower.


Cut out your flowers, keeping the paper folded.  I decided to make two different kinds of flowers–a four-petal one and a five-petal one.


Pour some melted wax into a disposable cap of sorts (I used the top off of a milk carton).


Using the tweezers, dip your paper flower into the wax, being sure to cover it entirely.


Let all of your flowers dry.  Also, if you need to, scrape the dried wax out of the disposable cap and re-melt it in the candle to reuse it.


Stab each flower through the center with toothpicks of varying heights (be careful not to poke your finger!).


Put a dab of hot glue from your glue gun on the tip and press a bead on.  Snug the rest of the flower up against the glue to fasten it.


Using the tips of your tweezers, gently scrape at the wax to give the petals a crystalized look.


Look at your lovely flowers!  I chose to do seven, because I think an odd number looks best.


Pour some hot wax onto your lid, being sure that it doesn’t get into the seal.  Let it dry slightly.


When the wax is almost dry, stick all of your flowers in.


To make sure that they stay, pour some more hot wax over the spots where the toothpicks were initially stuck into the wax.  Let it dry completely.


Put a fair bit of glitter into your jar.  I used a semi-transparent, white hexagonal glitter and a fine, hot pink glitter.


Fill to the brim with water.


Carefully screw the top onto the jar.  A little bit of water may leak out due to Archimedes’ principle, but just wipe it up.


Put the paper sticker on the lid and write a little note on it for your Valentine!  Also, hot glue on a couple of bows around the rim of the lid for a cute touch.



Inspired by Marzia’s video for the same thing (link below).

Because your jar may not have a super, leak-proof seal, I recommend keeping your globe somewhere where it won’t do too much damage if it leaks by accident.  Somewhere like the bathroom would be a good spot.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • melted wax
  • disposable cap
  • tweezers
  • toothpicks, cut to various heights
  • hot glue
  • beads
  • clean jam jar
  • glitter, optional
  • water
  • paper sticker
  • tiny bow

1. Fold your paper into quarters.  Using the pencil, draw out a flower and cut it out with the scissors.  I made a four-petal flower and a five-petal flower.

2. Pour some melted wax into the disposable cap and, using the tweezers, submerge the flowers in the wax and let them dry completely.  If your melted wax hardens before you get the chance to submerge all of your flowers, you can scrape it back into the candle and allow it to melt again.

3. Stab the centers of your flowers through with the toothpicks, being sure not to poke your finger (it’s really quite painful!).  Put a dab of hot glue on the tips of the toothpicks and secure a bead on the glue.  Push the petals up against the bead and allow the glue to harden.  Once the glue has hardened, use your tweezers to gently scrape at the wax on the petals to give it a crystallized look.

4. Pour some wax onto the lid and allow it to firm up slightly.  Stick the toothpick flowers into it and pour some more wax onto the spots where the toothpicks enter the wax.  Allow the wax to harden completely.

5. Pour some glitter into the jar.  I used about a tablespoon total–half white and half pink.  Fill the jar up to the brim with water, and carefully screw the lid back on.  Stick a paper sticker on the lid and write a sweet note to your loved one!  And then hot glue some bows around the edge.  Give the jar a gentle swirl and flip it over.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a darling snow globe!


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