National Convention 2014: Registration

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(2014 TeenPact NC T-shirts; photo credit: Tori Watson)

So I’ve been working a lot at trying to find some way to compile the glories and wonders of TeenPact National Convention into one post, and I have come to a conclusion.  It simply isn’t possible.  That said, I think it is possible to carve out some sort of scope of NC in multiple posts–a series.  So I will be attempting to do a weekly series on the various aspects of NC.  I do hope you enjoy.  (For those of you confused as to what I’m going on about, check out my first TeenPact post.)

This year, NC was held on the campus of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Since I live in Alabama, I decided to fly up into Chattanooga as many other TeenPacters were.  At the end of an early morning flight, I arrived at the Chattanooga airport sometime around noon.

Upon passing through security on my way to baggage claim I was immediately greeted by the big smile and firm handshake of the TeenPacter who had been sent to pick me and several others up from the airport.  Stuart was his name and we proceeded to talk and stand around as we waited for more TeenPacters to arrive.  It wasn’t long, and soon I was surrounded by people from Washington to Texas to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  Soon we and our bags were piled up into a van and headed to Lee University.

Now, as I have learned from talking with other TeenPacters, registration (the first event of the first day) is a big deal.  And it is.

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(photo credit: Tori Watson)

Driving into Lee, dozens of TeenPacters stood by the road, holding National Convention signs while shouting welcomes with smiling faces.  Once bags were unloaded, I headed up to the registration tables where hundreds of TeenPacters clustered, joyously reuniting with old friends, as they got their badges and papers.  Knowing only approximately thirty TeenPacters at the time, I recognized no one, but was not disheartened.  I would soon get to know these lovely people surrounding me, but my first mission was to get all the papers I needed!

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(TeenPact welcome committee; photo credit: Tori Watson)

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(More TeenPact excitement; photo credit: Tori Watson)

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(Rachel and Aaron ready to go; photo credit: Tori Watson)

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(Reuniting; photo credit: Tori Watson)

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(photo credit: Tori Watson)

The young men and women manning the various stations (food ticket, ID, room key, elections, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball) were, as I would soon find out, the 2014 TeenPact Intern team.  As I walked from table to table to get my stuff, I didn’t know any of them, but they didn’t seem to care.  They greeted me with the same warmth and radiance that you would greet a friend you hadn’t seen in ages.  Walking away from registration and to my dorm with my luggage, I was charged.  I was ready to give this week my all!

Having settled my luggage in my dorm room, I headed back outside where I ran into TeenPact Alabama staffers, Hannah Funk and Zach!  Hanna was running with Isaac Moore in the #GotMooreFunk? campaign for TPN (TeenPact Nation) vice president.  But now that’s getting away from registration and into elections, which is a whole other post in itself.

So I will have to end it here for now.  Stay tuned for more NC excitement including a “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” parody, Inception with a Beach Boys twist, afternoon guitar sessions, more ultimate frisbee and volleyball than could be imagined, and fire jugglers!

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(Reistration at Lee University; photo credit: Tori Watson)


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