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Photo credit: Sierra

Greetings!  I’m Sophie, a fifteen-year-old sixteen-year-old seventeen-year-old girl who loves cooking and baking in its many forms.

Besides cooking and baking, my other interests include mathematics, reading, science, logic, music, video games, and fashion.  I also have an undying passion for my pets.  They are Lovey, the mixed-breed dog; Rachmaninov, the ragdoll cat; and Minuet, the ragdoll cat.  They are my little cute crew, and always manage to cheer me up whenever I feel dreary!

I do cook a great deal of vegetarian dishes, but I do appreciate a good cut of meat.  As a whole, when I cook or bake, I aim for fresh, worthwhile food that is fun to make and even more fun to eat and share.  Other than that, though, I cook pretty much whatever I want whenever I want.

I like to cook a great deal from ethnic cuisines; my current favorites are Russian, French, German, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican.  Still, as I love to be open minded, I am always enthusiastic and ready to experiment with new cuisines.

Anyway, I hope you’ll stick around as I create and discover new foods and yummies.  So happy nomming everyone, and cheerio!


All of the pictures you see on my sight are my own unless otherwise noted.  Please do not copy them without my permission.


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