Chocolate Pretzel and Pecan Bars

Hey there. So these chocolate pretzel and pecan bars are shamefully good. Not good, not sort of good, not la quintessence de la bonne.  Shamefully good. I could go on to describe the complexity of textures and flavours in this humbly-inspired bar, but I shan’t. Simple things don’t need verbosity; they need to be experienced. […]

Goldenberry Chia Bars

When I was reading Fellowship of the Ring, I was immediately drawn to Goldenberry.  She was just such an organic and angelic character that I found reminiscent of the faerie queens I had read about when I was younger.  The name Goldenberry also brought to mind a delightfully sweet and tangy golden berry.  At the time, […]

Date Energy Bars

More airplane food! I have an undying love for energy bars.  One of my favorites is Clif Bars, namely for their wide variety of insanely delicious flavors!  Granted Clif Bars are delicious, they have quite the hefty ingredients list because of their wide variety of grains–a little bit more difficult to replicate at home.  What […]