Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are some really exciting things going on…  I’ll try to keep you posted as they happen. Until then, enjoy the sweets, sweethearts. BROWN BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES A combination of some of my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipes with my own additions and tweaks.  While the recipe is on the classic side with simply chocolate […]

Midnight Chocolate Bundt

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to make my dad an incredibly moist chocolate cake covered with a delightfully nutty chocolate glaze. It’s amazing. Make it right now. Your dad will love it. Midnight Chocolate Bundt Slightly adapted from Joy the Baker,  The glaze is a take on the Texas Sheet Cake glaze from […]

Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I bring you cookies–my take on the iconic American chocolate chip cookie.  That cookie that suits any kind of day, weather, season, mindset, or emotion.  But this cookie is by no means the traditional margarine and beet sugar laden sweet treat that tastes rather… artificial.  This cookie, however, is a holistic cookie, whose every ingredient […]

Chocolate and Mint Sorbet

It has been inordinately hot lately, so I thought it was time to make some frozen desserts.  Therefore, today I made a rich yet refreshing chocolate and mint sorbet. Thick, creamy, and rich, this chocolate and mint sorbet is no letdown whatsoever in flavor or texture.  It’s pretty hard to believe that so elegant of a frozen dessert could be […]