Anzac Biscuits

For the past few months, my life has become increasingly more AP and ACT centered.  It’s all terribly exciting, really.  Admittedly, part of me is mildly stressed at the prospect of those looming exams…  But I know that if I put my mind to it, anything’s possible.  Therefore, I have dedicated my life from now […]

Figgy Bites

Moist, temperately sweetened cookies with a delicate crumb, studded with plump and dark figs…  As they sit unassuming in their glass jar, their flavours develop and grow richer, subtler, and more complex…  With cookies so indulgent and rich, no one would ever guess that they are packed with whole grains and chickpeas. If you know me […]

Banana Crumb Cake

Yesterday was a day spent baking, baking, schooling, baking, schooling, and then baking some more.  It was a day spent experimenting with new recipes–some of which turned out, and some of which need a bit more tweaking.  To guarantee something tasty and sweet for the evening, I made this banana crumb cake, whose recipe was […]

Zucchini Tagliatelle with Bean Balls

Take a step outside of your comfort zone.  Be bold and be confident.  Go ahead and wear that eyeliner that you’ve been too afraid to try, bake a souffle, say hello to your crush, do what you’ve been meaning to do but have been too nervous to.  People will love you for who you are, […]

Date Energy Bars

More airplane food! I have an undying love for energy bars.  One of my favorites is Clif Bars, namely for their wide variety of insanely delicious flavors!  Granted Clif Bars are delicious, they have quite the hefty ingredients list because of their wide variety of grains–a little bit more difficult to replicate at home.  What […]

Oatmeal Pancakes

These are pretty darn addictive.  I mean, two totally comforting classics brought together in a tender, I daresay spring-y, treat.  First we’ve got oatmeal–a warm, comforting breakfast classic that I synonymously imagine with chilly winter mornings and chipper holiday tunes.  Then we’ve got pancakes–hot, lightly sweetened cakes that are great at any time of day.  When […]