Tarte au Citron et aux Amandes

I discovered “Tiare Tahiti.”  It was the poem that made Fitzgerald change the name of his first novel from “The Development of the Personage” to This Side of Paradise.  When I read this poem, I got chills.  It’s real, it’s yearning, it’s melancholy, it’s passionate.  Il est crudité raffinée.  And the last two lines?  Well, […]

Lemon Meringue Tart

This tart is fresh, chic, and oh so classy.  A slightly chewy ginger snap crust is beautifully played off by an intense lemon curd, and the entirety is topped off with a billowy and almost bubbly meringue.  Besides tasting divine, this tart is also surprisingly easy (so long as you don’t burn the meringue, but we’ll get into that in a little […]