Lentil Loaf

Today was absolutely refreshing.  We had one of our first real days of autumn–a day full of cool, rustling breezes and saturated blue skies, while birds chirruped and squirrels gathered food.  But not only the birds and the squirrels, but also our little animal children have been effected by the new weather.  Mr. Rachmaninov has been literally tearing up […]

Garlic Houmous

It’s funny how new things can change your perspective.  For instance, ever since I’ve become a sort of “amateur food photographer/stylist” I’ve begun to look at photography in a completely new light.  Another example is the book I’ve been reading, Figures of Speech.  It’s the most witty, novel book written by Arthur Quinn (most certainly worth […]

Sesame Tofu and Leeks

Alas, gone are my lazy summer days!  Days for aimless ponderings and thoughtful musings, romantic novels and suspenseful novellas, and other hours spent in contemplation of new and exciting recipes.  But that’s okay, I’m glad to say that I love my studies; and they come as no bore or burden to me.  We’ll just have to see if […]

Red Bell Pepper Chickpeas

Happy National French Fry day, people!  Unfortunately, I do not come bearing French Fries…  I don’t do French Fries–well, I don’t do deep-frying.  Period.  To me, it seems like such a waste.  All of that oil…  And its messy and greasy and way too hot.  If I really want fries, then I’ll go and buy […]