Salmon Rigatoni with Lemon Pepper

Some food combinations are classics and some are downright weird.  Peanut butter and jelly is a classic, chocolate and mint is a classic, salmon and dill is a classic, pumpkin pie and banana cream pie is downright weird.  Pumpkin pie and banana cream pie may sound like a strange combination, but seriously, it’s good.  If […]

Big-Flavor Black Beans

Rain, rain, rain.  I love rain dearly–the moody atmosphere, the guttural thunder, the edgy lightning; but the dark cloud cover can sometimes impede on my natural light… Unfortunately, this has been the case for the past few days, and every attempt in a new post has ended with photos of unfocused dishes with unnatural golden hues.  Thankfully, I […]

Garlic Houmous

It’s funny how new things can change your perspective.  For instance, ever since I’ve become a sort of “amateur food photographer/stylist” I’ve begun to look at photography in a completely new light.  Another example is the book I’ve been reading, Figures of Speech.  It’s the most witty, novel book written by Arthur Quinn (most certainly worth […]

Classic Mexican Red Rice

Before we talk about rice, I need to say a few things about the Olympians.  First, congratulations, Michael Phelps, for a job well done–you’re pretty darn amazing.  Second, the USA’s women gymnasts are incredible.  Third, May-Treanor and Walsh?  Congrats for holding your own against the Chinese–they were tough opponents.  Fourth, good job Missy Franklin; you’re on […]

Sesame Tofu and Leeks

Alas, gone are my lazy summer days!  Days for aimless ponderings and thoughtful musings, romantic novels and suspenseful novellas, and other hours spent in contemplation of new and exciting recipes.  But that’s okay, I’m glad to say that I love my studies; and they come as no bore or burden to me.  We’ll just have to see if […]